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Boruto Naruto Next Generations Chapter 61: Spoilers and Preview

July 21, 2021

The story beyond the mystery of Karma has yet to be solved, as Code wants to avenge the death of his master, whom he considered his God. We are going to learn more about the life of the shinobi and the path of the ninjas in the recent development of Boruto Naruto Next Generations. Code and Eida talk about their plans and a strange boy named Daemon arrives. Daemon plays with Code, and Eida reminds Daemon to have manners. Daemon taunts Code into taking care of Eida. Code witnesses Daemon’s powers when he pulverizes a passing guy. The chapter begins with Daemon crouching down, one hand on his cheek. The title of the chapter is “Place to Belong.”

Shikamaru and other Shinobi search for clues in the Code. Shikamaru reveals that Code appears where he left a mark and that he might be looking for Ten-Tails. The Shinobi with Shikamaru says that other villages are reporting multiple claw marks. Shikamaru worries that a boy is giving five villages a hard time. He spoke to the other Shinobi about the Kara Outers, but they didn’t get any information. Shikamaru realizes that the claw marks are only his trace. They both talked about keeping an eye on Naruto, Boruto, Sasuke, Amado, and Kawaki as the enemy has unfinished business with them.

Kawaki sits alone and wonders about something, and Sumire continues her conversation with Amado. Sumire asks Amado what he is going to do with Kawaki once he restores Kawaki’s Karma. Amado replies that he is not hiding anything, and that is the case that he and Kawaki will reach an agreement. Amado says that he knows Sumire doubts him, but he intends to harm Konoha. Sumire sees a container and asks Amado, who tells her to leave because he is busy.

Boruto Naruto Next Generations Chapter 60 Highlights Summary

Sumire wonders why Amado doesn’t open up about his experiences. Amado talked about the equipment he shared with Katatsuke and created a powerful ally for Konoha. Sumire wonders what powerful ally Amado is talking about; Meanwhile, Dameon has fun riding on Code’s back. Code tells Dameo that recess is over, and Dameon taunts him by telling him that he has no resistance. Code calls Eida to talk to Dameon, who can’t stop playing.

Eida reminds Code that he has become best friends with Dameon and she is happy. Dameon sees the old man who revives Eida and jumps on his back. The old idiot is too weak to carry it and smashes his face to the ground. Dameon scolds the old man he meets for the first time, and falls in love. The old man whispers that is why he hates this child. Dameon rides on the old schnock as they crawl across the ground.

They see Code’s claw marks and wonder what’s going on. Dameon asks Code what’s going on. Code responds that it is his ability and that he can move freely between the claw marks. Code decides to demonstrate with the old man. He lures the old man towards him using the claw marks. Dameon is impressed with Code’s technique. The old idiot thanks Code for getting him off Dameon.

A whole new power

Code notices that Daemon possesses formidable powers and asks him to explain himself. Eida steps in and tells Code that they can’t reveal their trump card now. Code responds that they can trust him. Eida shows that he has said that Dameon reflects attacks in the past, saying that for now Code is commenting that Eida is a tough guy when it comes to secrets. Eida reminds Code that they haven’t known each other in a long time and that he can reveal everything at once.

Dameon notices that Code and Eida are still arguing and says that he will tell Code next time. In town, Kawaki enters the store and sees the citizen gossiping about him. Boruto talks to his mother about Kawaki and realizes that he hasn’t come for dinner. Lord Seventh meets Kawaki and talks about what is bothering him. Kawaki said that there is no place for him in this town and that he likes to be near the faces of the Hokage statues. Kawaki also talked about Jigen and the fact that he is a troublesome stranger.

The two men return home and Kawaki receives a welcome party. Boruto gifted Kawaki with a Shinobi headband and told him that he would become a full Ninja. Kawaki puts on the headband and decides to put it around his neck. The trio go to bed and Naruto tells Kawaki that Konoha is a place where everyone, including Kawaki, can live comfortably, and that if not, there is no point in him being Hokage. The two fall asleep, and Kawaki thinks about gaining an entirely new power to protect the village and Lord Seventh. Kawaki believes that Amado’s plan is perfect.

Boruto Naruto Next Generations Chapter 61 Release Date

The latest release date for Boruto Naruto Next Generations Chapter 61 is August 18, 2021. Boruto Naruto Next Generations chapters are available on VIZ Media and Manga plus from Shueisha.