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Boruto Episode 211: what’s the release date, time, and spoilers?

August 9, 2021

The infamous Kashin Koji is finally making his entrance and things are getting interesting. Boruto Episode 211 will show him infiltrating Konoha and Amado betraying Jigen.

Kashin Koji is an interesting character for sure and for the longest period of time people have been associating him with Jiraiya and how they both look very similar and have the same Jutsu.

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 211 premieres this week and will finally tell us more about Amado, Kashin Koji, and Jigen.

The last two Boruto episodes were anime originals and this episode will be the same. The next episodes will begin to cover chapters of the manga and the fight against Jigen will resume.

Kashin Koji and Amado make their move against Jigen, how will this defection affect them? But what is Kashin Koji doing in Konoha? Is he there to steal information or something?

Boruto Episode 211 Release Date

Good news everyone! There is no hiatus scheduled this week for the Boruto anime and for the next several weeks the episodes will air as usual.

Boruto Ep 211 is titled “The Chase” and will air this Sunday, August 15, 2021, the same day as episode 19 of Tokyo Revengers.

The full episodes will air in Japan first and once the episode has been subtitled, only then will it air to the rest of the world.

We’ve shared the airtime for upcoming Boruto episodes below to check. Here we share when the next Boruto anime episode will air in America, Australia, New Zealand, etc.

India Time: 3:00 PM
Pacific Time: 2:00 a.m. M.
Central Time: 4:00 AM
Great Britain Time: 10:00 AM

Where to watch Boruto: Naruto Next Generations episode 211?

As with all other famous anime, all English Boruto episodes and dubbed versions are available on Crunchyroll’s official website.

We recommend that you watch the Boruto anime only from official sources to support the creators and the studio behind the series.

Boruto 211 can also be streamed on the Netflix site as soon as it is released. We will update this article as soon as we have more official news.

Boruto Ep 211 Spoilers

Today we share the spoilers for the next Boruto anime episode below, so if you don’t want something to go wrong, don’t close this article and wait for the official episode.

At the end of Episode 210 we got the preview of the English version of Episode 211 and today we share it with you all below.

In the preview, we see that a man in a cape sneaked into Konoha village and was seen in the Konoha archives. Everyone suspects that he is Kashin Koji and sets out to search for the invader, but can they reach him in time?

Kakashi, Sai, and the students set out to find the intruder, but they ran into Amado.

Shikamaru is taken prisoner and thus begins the defection of Beloved by Konoha. How will all of this play out and will Jigen appreciate Beloved’s approach?

Those who have read the boruto manga know that a deadly fight between Kashin Koji and Jigen is about to begin and its outcome will directly affect Konoha Village.

Amado and Kashin Koji have conspired against Jigen and want to take him down. There is no better time than now, when Jigen is weak after his fight with Naruto and Sasuke.

Will Kashin Koji win or will Jigen see their plans and finish the plan before it starts? Watch the next episode of Boruto to find out.