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Boruto Chapter 60 Spoilers, Release Date & Time: How Code & Team Execute Their Plan?

July 17, 2021

Team Kara is set to perform in the next chapter of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, and fans are eager to find out what will happen in Chapter 60 of Masashi Kishimoto’s popular shonen series.

In Boruto Chapter 59, Team Kara has yet to take action against Boruto and his friends in Konohagakure, but the final chapter introduced a new deadly villain, and they can begin executing their plans in Chapter 60 while Kawaki appears to be in. conflict with her nightmares from her past.

Here’s everything you need to know about Boruto Chapter 60. Don’t forget to bookmark this page as we will keep you posted as the situation evolves.

Boruto Chapter 59 Summary: What Happened in the Previous Chapter?

Before we talk about Boruto Chapter 60 spoilers, here is a summary of what happened in Chapter 59:

The chapter begins with a flashback of the young Code trying to strangle the young Kawaki. Kara’s current leader is jealous of Kawaki’s abilities, and tells Kawaki that if he wasn’t the chosen ship, he would already kill him.

Suddenly, Kawaki wakes up and Amado asks if he still has nightmares because Jigen punishes him, and Kawaki tells him and Sumire that this time it was Code in his dreams.

Kawaki says that Code is resentful even though he is no longer a ship. However, Amado tells him that it is still Isshiki’s ship and that he cannot escape from it. Kawaki gets angry and tries to attack Amado, who tells him that it is still the ship. Later, Amado tells Kawaki that he can always try to put Karma on Kawaki’s body, but that it is up to Kawaki to decide if he wants to have it.

At the place where Code met Ada, Code learns of Ada’s weakness, and the clairvoyant cyborg tells him that she can be his “eyes and ears” while he can be his knight. Ada also introduces her other knight, her little cyborg brother, Daemon. Explain Daemon’s unique ability.

What spoilers have been revealed for Boruto Chapter 60?

Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump posted a preview of Boruto Chapter 60: “An even greater enemy threatens Boruto and the others in their quest for justice! Prepare for the attack of Kara’s remains… Boruto and Kawaki training! A new cyborg, Daemon, has awakened! The time for the final battle is near! “

According to the news, Boruto Chapter 60 could reveal that Kawaki finally decides to go ahead to train, as the Mighty Villains plan to execute their plan against Boruto and the Leaf Village.

Chapter 60 could also say more about Amado’s intention to restore Kawaki’s karma. Do you have a selfish motive? Or is it for the sake of Konoha?

We were also able to see the side effects of the otsutsukification restriction pills Boruto took.

As of this writing, no other major spoilers have been released for Boruto Chapter 60: Naruto Next Generations, but the map text in the appendix said that “Code and his team are moving forward. With your plans! Boruto and the rest get involved ?! “

We will likely see Code, Ada, and Daemon execute their plan against the Hokage and their friends in Konohagakure.

We will update this page with more information when previews are released as the release date of the next chapter approaches.

When will Boruto: Naruto Next Generations chapter 60 be released?

The premiere of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Chapter 60 is scheduled for Tuesday, July 20, 2021, the same date as the next chapter of dragon ball super, since both were published in the same issue of Shueisha.

Boruto Chapter 60 is scheduled to premiere at midnight JST on Tuesday, July 20, 2021.

If this publication date is correct, the English translations of Chapter 60 should arrive online at the following times, but may be published earlier.

Pacific Time: 9 a.m. on Sunday, July 20.

Central Time: 11 a.m. From Sunday July 20

Eastern Time: Sunday, July 20 at noon

UK time: 5:00 pm Sunday 20th July

Speculations for Boruto Chapter 60 and future chapters

With Code, Ada, and Daemon teaming up, Team Kara is likely to invade Konohagakure. We also got to see Kawaki unlock his powers with the help of Amado. It’s also been suggested that Naruto might have to kill his own son if the worst happens, so we’re likely to see more internal conflicts. It would also be interesting to see Ada’s interaction with Boruto and Kawaki, as they are said to be immune to her powerful spell.