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Boruto Chapter 60: Release date, discussion and online manga reading

July 8, 2021

Boruto Chapter 60 is ready to ship! Fans are more than eager to get the on-screen advertising. A lot of new and intriguing things have been discovered in the most recent section and make us investigate what’s to come, the rumors that Kawaki will be quite a critical part in part 60 of the Boruto manga!

Let’s find out more about Boruto Chapter 60 release date, spoilers, and how to read on the web!

Boruto Chapter 59 Summary

We can see Code having a flashback at his young age trying to strangle Kawaki. As we probably know, the pioneer of Kara is envious of Kawaki for his abilities, and tells Kawaki how lucky the chosen ship had not been, he would definitely kill him right now. So at that moment, Kawaki wakes up and realizes that it was just a dream. Amado gains information about his bad dreams by taking him away from Jigen, and Kawaki says that this time it was Code in his fantasies instead of Jigen.

Kawaki says that Code is still mad at him, even after realizing that, right now, he is not a ship. Later, Kawaki lets his resentment flare and tries to assault Amado, later in the section, Amado reveals to Kawaki that he can try to implant Karma in Kawaki’s body anyway, however it’s up to Kawaki. To choose if you have to!

Finally, Code thinks about Ada’s flaw, she also introduces her other little cyborg brother, Daemon, and reveals her exceptional ability to him.

Boruto Chapter 60, What Can We Expect?

At least for now, not like the major Boruto Chapter 60 spoilers, however the companion card sees the text to imply that “Code and his gang make their arrangements! Boruto and the rest locked up ?! “

Most likely, we will see Code, Ada, and Daemon collaborate on their arrangement against the Hokage and their companions in Konohagakure.

Release date

Boruto Chapter 60 will be released on Tuesday, July 20, 2021 at 12pm Japan Standard Time. You can find the English subtitles for Chapter 60 online shortly after its release.