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July 13, 2021

Boruto Chapter 60 will be the product of much anticipation and foreshadowing. With Kawaki and Naruto’s lives in danger, it’s up to Code and his team to give the Uzumaki time to prepare for a fight. And this time, it won’t be one of the usual head-to-head encounters between two potential fighters. Expect a bloody fight as everyone you know from Boruto will be there as witnesses.

This gang war will lead to more and more conflicts between the two teams. A new promo for Boruto Chapter 60 was also released. The promo suggests that this battle is just the beginning of Boruto’s struggles. A bigger enemy is on the way to execute the boys once and for all. Check out the new trailer here. Also, explore the full article to learn more about the latest Boruto chapter!

Boruto Chapter 60: Plot Details

BNN’s previous chapter had one of the darkest reveals of the series. We see that Kawaki dreams of Code again. In his delirium, Code asks Kawaki to stop resisting. After Isshiki’s death, Code is not ready to hold back against Naruto and his children. Thus, Boruto Chapter 60 is likely to untie the ropes that were left loose in the previous one. To begin with, Kawaki and Amado will investigate the technique used to manipulate their dreams. This could bring new facts about the Code as a criminal.

Additionally, fans can also look forward to joining Code and his team of assassins as they hatch a plan to lay siege to Naruto, Kawaki, and Boruto. If Kawaki discovers Code’s weaknesses before they arrive, the ninjas might have a chance against him. Otherwise, fans must hope that the Uzumaki family is strong enough to defeat such a large group.

Summary of the previous chapter!

Boruto chapter 59 saw a new arc that no one saw coming. Going back in time, fans see the grim conflict between Kawaki and Code. We found out that Code was jealous of the prodigal boy. So, he tried to kill him when he was just a kid. If only Kawaki hadn’t chosen the ship, he wouldn’t be alive today. Also, in the current timeline, Code is set to match Kawaki to solve all the deals with him in Boruto Chapter 60.

However, this is all part of Kawaki’s illusions that are put into his mind of strength. Amado suggests that they can make Kawaki a ship for Ishikki. But then he discovers that Kawaki’s Karma can still be hampered. The next chapter should reveal the truth behind Kawaki’s nightmares. Is Code really back? The answers can be found in the upcoming popular manga premiere.

Boruto Chapter 60: Release Date

We hope you’ve already taken your time this week as Boruto is on his way. Therefore, Boruto Chapter 60 is set to be released at the usual times on July 20, 2021. In addition, the English translation of the manga will be available on the Internet the next day. You can read all the latest Boruto Naruto Next Generation chapters on Shueisha and VIZ Media’s Manga Plus site for a minimal subscription.