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Boruto Chapter 59 Spoilers Speculations

June 13, 2021

Boruto Chapter 59 will reveal the results of the training. The release date for Boruto Chapter 59 is June 20, 2021. Spoilers, leaks, and raw scans will be released around the 18th.

The last chapter was action packed and the training was intense between Boruto, Kawaki and Team 7. It was a question of which way to be the strongest, Kawaki finally lost and adopted Boruto’s training method. While at the beginning of the chapter, Boruto took the suppression pills from Momoshiki.

Boruto Chapter 59 Release Date and Time

The official release date of Boruto Chapter 59 for each country is June 20, 2021 at 11:59 p.m. JST (Japan Standard Time).

We do not provide unofficial links and Fan translations that you could get the chapter before, but, always read and support the official version of the manga on the sites mentioned below, it has correct and reliable translations.

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Everything presented here is for informational purposes, so it is fair use. The emphasis is not on the content of the manga, but rather on delivering the latest news.

Boruto Chapter 59 spoilers, cover, translated leaks

Boruto Chapter 59 Spoilers Status: Spoilers, Raw Coverage and Leaks Not Released Yet, We Will Update Here, Keep Checking Until Then.

For now, the writer has got hold of the destructive powers of the heroes Naruto and Sasuke and wants to keep them weaker in Boruto. Either way, you must let Boruto shine in his own manga.

Stay tuned for more leaks, the crude will be released around June 18, 2021. We will keep you posted with any new information about the premiere of this new manga. Bookmark us to see this post later, we’ll update you all soon.

Chapter 58 Recap

boruto manga Chapter 58 shows Kawaki against Boruto’s Seal of Karma as Team 7 with Sarada and Mitsuki, all arguments about their training method. Kawaki feels empty without karma, so he is likely to share the burden with Boruto to save Naruto, the seventh Hokage, from death. At the beginning of the chapter, Naruto gives Boruto the pills that will make his Otsutsuki transformation really slow and suppress it.

Speculation for future Boruto manga chapters

These things could happen in the next boruto chapter 59, 60, 61 and it would be really interesting to watch!

  • Where did Kashin Koji (Jiraiya’s clone) go after being nearly defeated by Isshiki?
  • It’s a great mystery, but it could play a big role in the next few chapters.
  • Is Code a red-haired Uzumaki?
  • How powerful is Ada Cyborg and how will she collaborate with Code?
  • Will Code be returning soon to take revenge on Konoha and get Amado back?
  • Will Kashin Koji be back on Amado’s side?
  • Will Naruto and Sasuke go back to training? Will they train Boruto and Kawaki?
  • Can Sasuke’s Rinnegan be cured or can a new one be awakened?
  • Will Isshiki somehow come back in the end?
  • Will Sasuke be able to use Rinnegan-based Jutsus or get his Rinnegan back?
  • New revelations about the powers of Karma, Ten-Tails, Otsutsukis and their ships.
    Does Amado know the full power of the code?
  • Will Code be able to remove the limits of his strength?
  • Can Code catch Amado to reveal the secret of his Limiters in Chapter 59?
  • Will Code pass Kawaki and Boruto to Ada in the future?
  • Powers of Ada, like hearing anything anywhere and all other powers.
  • Boruto Pure Eye Information
  • In the next Code arc as the main villain
  • Will Code form a new team with the cyborgs or will he attack directly?
  • How strong is the code? Is Code stronger than Jigen himself? Possibly
  • Will the powers of the Code and Ten Tails be used?
  • Will Kurama return in the future somehow?
  • How strong is Ada? Full powers of Ada
  • Will Ada’s abilities will work against Naruto and Sasuke, who are reincarnations of Indra and Ashura Otsutsuki. (His abilities have been shown to not work against Otsutsuki.)