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June 18, 2021

After Boruto beat Kawaki in practice, shown in Chapter 58. Kawai is more determined than ever to get stronger …

While Boruto and Kawaki train to get stronger and beat Code and his team. Code and his team conspire against Boro headquarters.

Fans are wondering what Chapter 59 will bring and are eager to see if there will be a showdown between Code and his team against Boruto, Kawaki, and their team. What if the pills have side effects on Boruto?

So what do we know so far?

Boruto Chapter 59 release date

Boruto Chapter 59 is scheduled to premiere on Sunday, June 20, 2021.

The chapters are published monthly for readers. Here’s a breakdown of the chapter’s output.


The first three and the last three (most recent) chapters can be read for free on Viz, but to read the rest of the book, you need to sign up for Shonen Jump! for $ 1.99 / GBP 1.44 per month. You can try the membership for a week, after which you will be billed.

If you want to see the popular animated version of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, you can do so on Crunchyroll.


Boruto Chapter 59 spoilers have circulated online, as the Chapter 59 release date approaches. Let’s take a look at some of these leaks.

  • The title of chapter 59 will be “Gentlemen.”
  • Kawaki will appear on the cover of the chapter.
  • Kawaki and his friends continue their training to defeat Code.
  • Boruto, Sarada, Mitsuki, Naruto, and Sasuke are not shown in this chapter.
  • A flashback shows that Kawaki and Code have fought before. Code tells Kawaki that he hates it because Isshiki chose it as his ship.
  • Amado talks about Isshiki, who enrages Kawaki and throws him against the wall.
  • Amado tells Kawaki that he unconsciously wants power.
  • Amado also says that Naruto would not win against Code right now.
  • Code and Ada discuss Code’s goal.
  • Code reveals that he is not targeting Kawaki but Naruto.
  • Ada reveals that her only ability is Taijutsu and that she cannot fight.
  • In exchange for Codee’s protection, she says it will be his eyes and ears if he is her “knight.”
  • Konoha is shown talking to Amado, who says that Isshiki’s powers are inactive on Kawaki and can be awakened.
  • He then says that he can create a new karma seal for Kawaki.
  • Sumire is not sure what to do.
  • Code unleashes a new cyborg named Daemon, at Boro headquarters.
  • Daemon is Ada’s brother.
  • The guards arrive and when Code tries to intervene, Ada stops him and tells him to watch what happens next.
  • Daemon kills the guards before they can react.
  • Ada says that Daemon is her second “knight”.