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Boruto Chapter 58 Spoilers: Code to Become the New God Otsutsuki!

May 25, 2021

Boruto Chapter 58 spoilers will be released in a few days as the manga’s release date approaches. There are some early spoilers in the form of a WSJ preview commercial that reveals some clues about the manga’s future plot.

Code will be the main character in Boruto Chapter 58 and he will come up with a plan to become the new god Otsutsuki. Boruto and Kawaki will be in great danger as they will have to face new threats alone and without backup. Here’s more information on Boruto Chapter 58 spoilers, WSJ announcement details, manga raws, and the official release date.

Boruto Chapter 58 Spoilers

Text top left: the person who knows everything in this world, the cyborg, Eida.

Top center text: Leftover kara join forces to achieve their own goals! !!

Top right: The person who owns “White Karma”, an inside of Kara: Code.

Bottom Center Text: Strongest Tag Team Approaches Boruto and Kawaki As They Begin Their Training! !!

Bottom right text: Code must sacrifice Boruto to the Ten Tails in order to grow a divine tree. He conspires with Eida, a cyborg, and they begin working to revive the Otsutsuki.

Translator’s note: * The phrase at the end “revive the Otsutsuki” could very well mean that Code wishes to become a new Otsutsuki so that the “Otsutsuki” clan can continue to devour the universe – reference to chapter 55, in which Isshiki told him to Code that he should inherit Otsutsuki’s “will” and carry out the plan, essentially becoming a “New Otsutsuki”.

Boruto Chapter 58 Raws Leaks and Official Release Date

The leaked raws of Boruto Chapter 58 will be released 1-2 days before the manga’s release date, but it would be better to wait for the original version.

The Boruto Chapter 58 release date for the official English version is Thursday, May 20, and fans can legally read the manga from the following sources.

Viz Media – Shonen Jump