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Black Lagoon Season 3: Release Date, Plot, and Renewal

May 25, 2021

Black Lagoon is one of those anime series couples that go against the usual norm and show that even an anime’s English liner can be an uninspiring piece of art. I’ve never discussed the suitability of English dubbing in my anime articles before, but in this case it seems vital. Be it the interrupted conversations, the high-pitched accents or the strong interpretation of the voices, with almost wonderful character traits, Black Lagoon season 3 offers us an exceptional voice-over in English, among all those who have honored the anime universe.

The studio responsible for making “Black Lagoon Season 3” is Madhouse, and that name alone will make you want to watch the series. Madhouse Studio is often talked about and is responsible for the making of some well known animated series like Death Note, One Punch Man, Overlord and many more.

The performance of “Black Lagoon Season 3” is very similar to the affection of the children of “John Wick” and “Matrix” on steroids. Throughout its duration of about 10 hours, you’ll see a ton of shooting activity, as well as jaw-dropping scenes where ships fly and fire torpedoes to demolish helicopters.

Seasoned anime enthusiasts often steer clear of anime series that are too action-oriented as they end up being the equivalent of the shounen series we’ve been looking for for a long time. Anyway, if I had to use a single word to characterize “Black Lagoon Season 3,” it would be “revive.” One of the main reasons I started watching anime was my attraction to Japanese culture.

Of course, like other anime, “Black Lagoon” is not great and has flaws, resulting in slow animation and excessive fan management in the center of some moving scenes. Still, aside from a few minor weaknesses, every anime lover should try it once anyway. Whether you are a fan of action or not, I believe that Black Lagoon Season 3 will bring you something really new that no other shounen has brought.

The plot of Black Lagoon

Season 3 of “Black Lagoon” takes place in an imaginary city called Roanapur, located in Thailand, which is about to completely self-destruct. The degree of contamination is out of the ordinary and does not even forgive specialists from public authorities or strict bodies. Intense exploitation has sparked an expansion of crime that currently runs through the city’s veins and has become a haven for the deadliest convicted and scoundrels.

Then we meet the hero Rokurou Okajima who, although he has his own business, does not like his life and ignores his blandness. He has the opportunity to visit Southeast Asia and sees it as an opportunity to make some really necessary changes in his repetitive life.

Either way, upon arrival all his arrangements are turned upside down when he is kidnapped by a group of hired hunters known as the “Black Lagoon”. They try to use it to attribute it to his old company, but his former manager betrays him and he finds himself with nothing.

Rokurou then chooses to join the band of committed fighters and now he must find how to adapt to this new daily routine that he has decided to live. You will eventually find a way to escape your grueling daily routine, but your current existence will be fraught with inconvenience and confrontations that you are not prepared for. Black Lagoon is an introduction to the heart of the criminal world, an investigation into the brain of a lawbreaker and the reasons for leading an extremely sinful life.

Black Lagoon season 3 release date

Season 1 of “Black Lagoon” aired from April 9, 2006 to June 25 of the same year, followed by a second season that began on October 3, 2006 and ended on December 19, 2006. Then, an OVA (Black Lagoon Season 3) came about 4 years later, in 2010, with 5 specific episodes. Since then, Black Lagoon season 4 is gone, but it hasn’t been overlooked, and devoted anime fans are looking forward to a new season.

Black Lagoon Season 4 – Update Status!

It is possibly the most famous animated series today. It got a great response from fans and experts from the moment it appeared. Regardless, the anime also has its flaws. The quality of the action is sometimes very low, and there are some fan administrations between the action scenes in Black Lagoon season 3, and some viewers frequently find it disturbing. Other than that, everything about this series is positive. As a result, it gained a large number of fans in a short period of time, and they are still waiting for the fourth season.

I’m sure the creators couldn’t imagine anything better than doing another season, but the problem is that the anime’s source material has seemingly been on hiatus forever. Therefore, the study only has two options:

Either they leave the anime as is and stick with a premium manga circular segment, or they change everything and create their own unique episode. Either way, opting for just one version is too much uncertainty for an anime of this stature. It’s a shame that an anime like “Black Lagoon” ends so soon when it could have been a long-term successful series.

However, don’t lose confidence just yet. Our most realistic estimate is that in the impossible situation the new manga comes out, Black Lagoon season 3 could be restored and Black Lagoon season 4 could be delivered in 2023.