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Black Clover Chapter 300 release date, spoilers

July 12, 2021

The intense battle between the Supreme Demons and the Knights is far from over in the Kingdom of Spades. Noelle manages to defeat Vanica, who unleashed Megicula’s true powers. Megicula reminds Noelle that her time as Santa is not over and that she is left with only defeat or death. She reminds Noelle that her Holy Magic attacks won’t even touch her. Megicula has cast the Decaying World spell inside the Kingdom of Spades castle, and no magic works against her. Chapter 299 of the Black Clover manga is titled “The Sound of the End.” Megicula believes that Noelle is defenseless, no matter who comes to save her.

Megicula notices that Noelle is bowing down to her and reminds her to give up. Noelle is furious upon hearing Megicula’s speech, and the latter comments that she is having fun. Gaja continues to suffer the blow from Lolopechika that pierced her body, and a monstrous black hand appears on her back. Noëlle wonders why Gaja is smiling while Lolopechika continues to cut him off. Undine realizes that Gaja could lose her life if she fails to stop Lolopechika. They try to call him while Lolopechika covers him with barricades.

Gaja tells Lolopechika to forgive him as he won’t hurt her and uses her fingers to do something to Lolopechika’s head. Gaja waters Lolopechika with lightning magic: Pulsoranta. He realizes that the magic will immobilize Lolopechika, who for a few seconds while he comes up with a plan to save her. Gaja remembers the time when she couldn’t even use magic and decided to be the defense wall of the Heart Realm. On this day, Gaja chose to destroy enemies instead of Queen Lolopechika to protect the Kingdom of the Heart. Let’s see how the battle will continue next.

Black Clover Chapter 299 Highlights

Gaja realizes that she trained hard to protect everyone in the Heart Realm, but was unable to stop Megicula and Vainica after many years of training. The two demons attacked his kingdom and no one could stop them, and the result was that his queen was cursed. The day Lolopechika was cursed, Gaja apologized, but told her that it was okay since she could control her curse and that no demons were bothering them.

The two men had no idea that the Demons were going to reclaim Lolopechika and destroy the Heart Realm. Gaja believes that he does not deserve to be a Spirit Guardian because he failed to take down the Supreme Demons. Lolopechika tells Gaja that she is happy that no one has been hurt in her Kingdom and that he doesn’t have to worry. Gaja realizes that Lolopechika is too good and that she forgives people easily.

Supreme Devil vs. Spirit Guardian

Gaja realizes that she has worked hard to protect the country and the people, but Lolopechika has become different. Gaja wonders if he is worthy of being called a Guardian Spirit and realizes that he wants to protect Queen Lolopechika more than anything. The battle continues as Gaja walks towards Megicula, realizing that she must stop Lolopechika. Gaja promised that she would not let Lolopechika be injured or killed.

Gaja comments that the wound that Queen Lolopechika inflicted on her is nothing and that she will not die at this time. A supreme demon and a guardian spirit collide, and Gaja comments that she will destroy this demon that has brought pain to Queen Lolopechika’s life. Gaja bends her hand, trying to unleash a powerful blow, and says it’s time for her to save Lolopechika. Megicula wonders what Gaja is trying to do. Gaja unleashes the Ultimate Lightning Magic: Apocalypra Astauza that separates Megicula and Vanica.

The World of Decadence was unable to erase Ultimate Lightning Magic. Noelle plucks up her courage and realizes that she has to do something. Everything around the Kingdom of Spades begins to change. Noelle realizes that she has to use her Saint Stadium to clear the weak point because Gaja has created an opening. Noelle tries to attack but stops after witnessing something that is beyond her imagination. Gaja’s body was stained with black smoke. The chapter ends with huge white smoke and no sign of Megicula or Vanica.

Black Clover Chapter 300 Release Date

The release date for Black Clover Chapter 300 is July 18, 2021. You can officially play it on Viz.