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Black Clover Chapter 299 release date and spoilers

July 6, 2021

The fight between the new version of Megicula and Noelle showing her Valkyrie’s unique powers as the fight continues, let’s start by looking at the recent development of Black Clover. Megicula took over Vanica’s body and became a Supreme Devil. Megicula says that she completed her manifestation after obtaining all of Vanica’s powers and when Lolopechika met her end. Gaja realizes that Megicula wants to kill Lolepechika and calls out Lolopechika’s name. Lolopechika displays extraordinary strength and takes on a new form when Gaja vows to save her. The black trees inside the Kingdom of Spades castle are starting to grow.

Gaja begins to attack Lolopechika, and the Supreme Devil Megicula says that the two will rest in peace if they die together. But now he’s giving them some time to have fun as they are tough opponents, and he will kill them in one go. Noelle gets angry yelling Megicula’s name. Gaja and Noelle team up to defeat Megicula and save Lolopechika as they fight the Supreme Devil. Megicula’s curse still controls Lolopechika, who cannot distinguish between her friends and her enemies. In the present, Megicula confronts Noelle and Gaja confronts Lolopechika.

Noelle wonders why Megicula is there. He realizes that only one door to the underworld has been opened and why Megicula has appeared here. Megicula responds that the gates are security and that the main purpose is to manifest through the anti-curse magic: Malevolent Femcantationa. The chapter is titled “The Life of Transition.” Megicula speaks of the destiny that requires significant preparation and sacrifices. Let’s look at the highlights below.

Black Clover Chapter 298 Highlights

Megicula believes that the Magic Knights are delaying their plans and Steel Silva is the king of the Clover Kingdom. Noelle is furious to learn why Megicula is talking about her mother. Megicula releases the curse, which protects the magic. She reveals that cursing Steel to death allowed him to partially manifest himself in Vanica’s body. Noelle is shocked that she killed her mother to accommodate Vanica’s body. Megicula also talks about the talented devil Vanica that she hired with her, the Supreme Devil. Noëlle wonders what the Supreme Devil is saying.

Megicula says that Vanica is about to die, that’s why she emerges in this way. Lolopechika, the Queen of the Heart Kingdom, and the Devil Vanica will die, and Megicula wins her 100% and rules the world. Gaja and Lolopechika fight, and the Queen unleashes the Devil’s Water Magic: Hydra of Darkness. Noëlle realizes that Lolopeckika is being mischievous because of the curse Megicula has cast on her. Megicula tells Noelle that Lolopechika is harnessing the power of her evil form before she dies, and that it will be a beautiful memory.

Strongest Offensive Mage in the Heart Realm

Noelle unleashes the power of her Valkrie form and attacks Megicula with a Sea Roar Dragon. Noelle tells Megicula that she will defeat her now. Megicula counters this attack with an evil Magic: Decaying World. Megicula talks about the current state, speed and power of the spell she possesses. Noelle realizes that the magic she cast is gone and that Megicula is stronger than before. She also tells him that she won’t let her do whatever she wants.

Megicula is impressed that Noelle is the first person to oppose her curse, and Noelle is the splendid Queen of the Briars. Rill is furious and decides to protect Charlotte because Noelle’s magnificent spell inspired him. Rill unleashes Twilight Magic Valhalla: Curse Warding Magic Unbound Slave. Gaja also intervenes and attacks with True Lightning Magic: Nadaras do Astrauza. Gaja tries to protect Rill while receiving showers of spears. Rill was crushed by the flour, but Gaja’s fate saved him.

Gaja realizes that she was unable to cast an attack spell at a young age, and that she was a failure as a princess. But he decided to become the strongest offensive Mage in the Heart Realm to destroy all enemies. Gaja and Lolopechika exchange powerful blows, and Gaja notices that there is still goodness in Lolopechika’s heart. Lolopechika dodges her attack and stabs her stomach with her hand. Noelle warns everyone about the Spirit Dive, and Megicula replies that Noelle is a loser. The chapter ends with Noelle kneeling in front of Megicula.

Release date of Black Clover chapter 299

The release date for Black Clover Chapter 299 is July 11, 2021. You can officially play it on Viz.