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Black Clover Chapter 297 release date, preview, and recap

June 21, 2021

Today we’re going to dive into Black Clover chapter 297. After a weekly break, Black Clover is back after the arrival of Noelle, Gaja, and Udine to the Kingdom of Spades. The intense battle in the Kingdom of Spades is raging. The Anti-Magic boy has already eliminated two of the Supreme Demons. Magna punishes Dante, who has lost his powers, and his body melts away, but Jack decides to stay while the boys go out to finish off the remaining demons. The title of the chapter is “The Sacred Valkyrie.” The chapter begins with Megicula, also known as Vanica, who witnesses Noelle’s new powers. Let’s find more information about Black Clover below.

Vanica unleashes a troop of demon-like trees that tried to swallow Noelle. She sent an army after summoning Blood Magic: Red Herd Beasts. Noelle responds by slashing the red beast with a single blow. Noelle realizes that Vanica’s strength and appearance is different from the last time in Heart Realm. The Red Beast has been eliminated and Vanica praises Noelle. Vanica comments that she expected these powers. Rill tells Charlotte that her blue roses weaken the magic of the damned.

Udine reminds Noelle that they have no time to waste playing with Vanica and that they must eliminate her in a minute. Noelle refuses, thinking that Vanica is an easy win, and replies that she will crush him in thirty seconds. The countdown begins when Vanica takes a shower of beatings. Vanica is horny and wants to see if Noelle is going to keep her promises and prove that she is powerful enough to beat her in thirty seconds. Noelle attacks with her ice spear, trying to stab Vanica, who completes her. Noelle pushes her enemy back with all her might. Vanica remembers something about becoming Megicula’s host. What awaits fans in Black Clover Chapter 297?

Black Clover chapter 296 summary

Vanica realizes that Megicula will take full control of her body. In the past, Vanica longed to use the powers of the devil, but she went crazy. There is a well-known powerful woman who conquers all the places she visits. Vanica flees the Kingdom of Spades to show her true potential and have fun. The day Vanica had fun using her powers alongside Megicula. Back in battle, she tells Noelle that she’s having fun when she faces someone like her. Vanica comments: “Steel, here I am.”

In the past, during Vanica’s battle with Noelle’s mother, she stole Noelle and Nozel. Vanica comments that she will kill Nozel first. Steel calls out the names of Noelle and Nozel. Vanica asks if they are her children and why she has children as they will always get in her way. Vanica replies that a strong woman like Steel doesn’t need children. Steel takes out his gun and comments that it is a mother’s job to protect her children and that it is the most vital thing in the world. Steel hits Vanica’s stomach.

Clan de Silva

That day, the magic of the curse was destroyed thanks to the powers of Valkyrie. In the present, Vanica comments that she would have scratched herself if she had fought in the past. But that day, Megicula told him to flee the place. Vanica realizes that she remembers everything from that day. Noëlle realizes that this beast has almost wiped out Silva’s clan. Vanica tells Noelle that they can pick up where they left off last time. Noelle unleashes the roar of the sea dragon that begins to eat the red beasts.

Back when Noelle arrived in the Kingdom of Spades, she was shocked to see Lolopechika shower Gaja with massive blows and send him flying. Noëlle believes that Vanica is responsible for Lolopechika’s condition. Vanica yells that she will make the Magic Knight pay and that they will never be forgiven. Noelle releases a new mask known as Spirit Dive: The Armor of the Sacred Valkyrie. Vanica realizes that she knows this shape. In the present, Noelle continues to fight Vanica.

Noelle surprises Vanica by giving her the same blow as Steel during their fight. Vanica realizes that the blade has struck the same place and it is a fatal blow. The sword pierces the devil’s stomach. Noëlle comments that Vanica will pay for all her actions. Daughter Silva finishes off Megicula and the host in 29 seconds. We will find out in the next chapter if Vanica and Megicula have been eliminated. We will soon know if Megicula will save Vanica or if this is the end of the Devil’s powers.

Black Clover Chapter 297 release date

The release date for Black Clover Chapter 297 is June 27, 2021. You can officially play it on Viz.