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Black Clover Chapter 295 release date and spoilers

June 1, 2021

Magna kept her promise after defeating Dante. Zora smiles and comments that Magna won this time. Magna says that Zora is her man, and Zora reminds Magna that he is not her man. Asta, Liebe, and Nacht arrive and call out Magna’s name. Magna also realizes that her rival Luck has also arrived, and he calls out Luck’s name. Asta is in awe after seeing what Magna did to Dante. The chapter title is “As Promised”, let’s find out what the heck is the next target in the latest Black Clover updates below.

Asta comments that Magna did something she couldn’t do in one day with Captain Yami. He congratulates Magna on taking Dante, and Magna tells Luck that it is his victory. Luck answers that one day they will fight. Jack realizes that Yami made the right decision as he chose a peasant as a member of the Black Bull squad. Jack thought that Yami had lost her mind in choosing Magna to be part of the Black Bull. He realizes that Magna has something special hidden in him.

Black Clover Chapter 294 Summary

Asta, Nacht, and Luck continue to praise Magna and comment that she is so cool. Jack vows that he will not lose to nobles or royalty, as he is a commoner making his way to become a captain. Jack realizes that his squad has a lot of commoners. Magna challenged Luck to his next battle and said he would win. Nacht is happy to have eliminated two Supreme Demons, as well as Dante. The Magic Knights only have a few demons left before the second gate to the underworld opens.

Jack is happy that a member of the Black Bull team showed him something interesting. Nacht realizes that Dante was defeated when he was 100%, and that his power is equal to that of the Supreme Devil. But Magna doesn’t remember how she defeated Dante. Nacht believes that at this rate it means they could win the battle. Meanwhile, Morris is in the underworld and is glad that the demons have gathered in numbers. He smelled something and realizes that Dante has lost.

Morris comments that he wants to know the spell used to defeat Dante. At the castle, Nacht reveals that defeating a member of the Dark Triad has reduced Qliphoth’s growth, and that they can stop everything by defeating two members of the Dark Triad. He gives Jack, Asta, Luck, and Magna some magical sweets for them to collect. After swallowing the magic candy, Asta, Luck, and Magna yell that they are going to save Yami. Luck comments that it will be him, and Asta, as well as Magna, say the same thing.

They left Dante lying on the ground, and Nacht reveals that the magical influence is the Dark Triad. The demon within Dante begins to eat his vital organs, and Dante tries to survive, saying that he will lose to anyone. Jack returns and comments that this is what he expected from an all-powerful member of the Darth Triad. Jack realizes that Dante’s speedy recovery is no joke. Dante, in his new form, tells Jack that he is immortal and that he will kill everyone. Jack tells Dante to shut up and that he is already dead.

Asta and the others set out to attack their next target, and he is happy that everyone is okay. In the other room, Charlotte fights Megicula 100% and Rill helps Charlotte. She realizes that when she limits Megicula’s curse protection magic with her blue roses, Megicula continues to regenerate as her blood magic is strong on its own. Megicula surprises Charlotte by putting Lolopechika in front of her and begins to use Lolopechika as her pawn. Rill unleashes the magic of the image: Underground Giant.

Rill realizes that Lolopechika’s curse is getting stronger. They trade massive blows with Lolopechika, and Charlotte tries to talk to him. Charlotte screams that they are going to break this curse. Megicula prevents Charlotte from reaching Queen Lolopechika. She stabs Charlotte with blades and tells her to enjoy the fight. But Gaja arrives and grabs Lolopechika before she kills Charlotte. Noelle arrives and sends Megicula flying; she screams that she’s there as promised.

Black Clover Chapter 295 release date

Black Clover Chapter 295 will be released on Sunday, June 6, 2021, officially on Viz. You can also read Black Clover Chapter 294 which reveals the disappearance of Dante’s demonic powers. You can read Black Clover chapters for free on VIZ Media and Shueisha’s Manga plus.