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Black Clover Chapter 292 release date and where to read online

April 26, 2021

Black Clover takes a weekly break on Sunday. The chapter is titled A Duel with a Distant Minor. With only two minutes remaining, Asta and Liebe manage to appease the Supreme Devil. After Devil’s Union Mode was sold out, the two celebrated in front of Natch. Liebe shrugs off and stays on Asta’s shoulder. Nacht congratulates them and says, “Well done, you idiots.” He told them that they had perfected the Devil’s Union mode. Asta is delighted that his training and the binding ritual have helped him get stronger.

Asta comments that he knew and calls Nacth his vice-captain. He taunts Nacht by telling him that he is like Captain Yami. Nacht shakes hands with Asta for putting him in competition with Captain Yami. Nacht realizes that when he looks at Asta he remembers the time he was with Captain Yami. Asta is happy, but realizes that it will take him another 30 minutes to form another Devil Union Mode. Asta thinks he will be in Black mode until the 30 minutes are up. Nacht can’t believe it’s 30 minutes because the others might not be 30 minutes.

Black Clover Chapter 291 Highlights

Nacht realizes that the Dark Triad has power at the level of the highest demon class. Asta’s Union Mode will take longer as they have to help others fight Dante, Zenon, and Vanica. Jack fights Dante, Yuno fights Zenon and Charlotte, along with Rill, faces Vanica in the form of Megiculaa. Captain Yami and Vangeance have eaten in the Underworld where the experience is about to end. Nacth is worried because they have to find a plan that will work for them without losing a single life.

Outside of the Kingdom of Spades, Castle Merleona is defeating the Devil, and Fugelona is also preventing the Devils from rampaging and killing humans. Nacht realizes that Morris is the threat, as he is the key to completing the ritual. Morris makes the Underworld Gate open faster. Nacht decides that they must eliminate the Dark Triad before the second portal opens. He realizes that if Union Mode takes the time, they will trust Anti-Magic.

Meanwhile, in the other room, Dante exchanges blows with Jack. Dante realizes that Jack’s magic can change its properties to suit the opponent’s magic, but his youthful magic is strong for Jack to manipulate. He tells Jack that he is impressed that he is still alive. Dante comments that Jack is at his limit and that he can finish him at any moment. Jack says he’s going to cut Dante down.

Dante tells Jack that he will thank him for entertaining him. He is attacked by exploding fireballs and wonders who did this. After the explosion, Magna appears with Zora. Dante wonders who the weird guys are and tells them the weak aren’t supposed to be here. Dante realizes that this guy is Yami’s farmer. Jack tries to be tough and tells them to get out of his way; can’t handle Dante. Dante comments that “you heard him, there is nothing you can do.”

Magna tells Dante that they are destined to crush demons and saves Captain Yami. Dante says the two are not on a level to entertain him like Jack. He tells them that their magic is too weak and that even though it is a 2v1 fight, they have no chance. Dante is happy that his magic isn’t Anti-Magic or Arcane Stage Unique Magic. Magna tells Dante to stop bragging because he’s the one who will beat him 1v1. Dante gets angry and levels up, telling Magna that he made a big mistake by taunting him.

Magna attacks Dante with a chain that Dante pulses with his hands. Dante’s magic fades and he realizes that he is no longer 100%. Magna realizes that’s why she invented this spell that aspires to magic. Unleash Secret Flame Magic: Soul Chain Death Match. The Chains begin to suck the magic out of Dante, and Magna comments that Magna Swing of the Black Bull is going to crush you. Dante is surprised that Magna pulverizes him with heavy blows.

Black Clover Chapter 292 Release date and where to read online?

Black Clover Chapter 292 will be released on Sunday, May 9, 2021, officially on Viz. Don’t miss the next chapter that will be released next Sunday. You can read more about how Asta won his battle in Black Clover Chapter 291. Chapter 290 was released on Sunday. You can read the latest chapters of Black Clover for free on VIZ Media and Shueisha’s Manga plus.