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Black Clover 290: release date, will Asta defeat Lilith and Namaah?

April 15, 2021

The Black Clover manga series becomes more and more intense and interesting with each of its chapters. Asta finally reveals the power of the demon-destroying sword and cuts Namaah in half. However, Lilith has fused her body with Namaah’s, and Black Clover chapter 290 is devoted to the battle between Asta and the fused twin demons. The twin demons are even stronger than before.

His magical presence surprised even the vice-captain of the Black Bulls, Nacht. The final chapter also announced the return of Zora and MagnaZora and Magna, who admired Asta’s new sword form. It seems that Asta and Nacht are having big problems, as Zora and Magna are also two of the most powerful demons. So can they overcome these difficulties? Here is everything you need to know.

Black Clover 290: Plot Details

The next issue of the manga series will continue the battle between Asta and the Twin Devils who now fight as one man. Asta only has a few minutes because he cannot hold his demon for more than five minutes. Therefore, fans can expect him to fight hard against Lilith and Namaah. Viewers are also curious to see how the antagonist will counter Asta’s anti-magic attacks.

Black Clover Chapter 290 will mark the return of Zora and Magna, and they will likely be the next to fight Asta and Nacht. The current fight will probably end in the next edition. Therefore, Zora and Magna will certainly try to take advantage of the advantage by facing Asta, exhausted, and Nacht, injured.

Summary of the previous chapter

In Black Clover chapter 289, viewers saw Asta cut Namaah, then Lilith used her magic to keep him away from her brother. He said it was a shame that he got Namaah first. Lilith then fuses with her twin brother’s body to reveal her new form. The fused demons manifest Asta as their last prey, and they can’t wait to hear him scream in pain. Meanwhile, Nacht realizes that his strength is much greater, just one plus one. The magic of the demons combined is surprisingly huge and Nacht believes it drives him crazy. However, Asta has no idea as he cannot feel the magic.

Black Clover 290: Release Date

Fans can expect to see raw scans for the next chapter this Friday, two days before its premiere. Black Clover Chapter 290 will be released on Sunday, April 18, 2021. Fans can read about it on Shonen Jump / Viz Media and MangaPlus.