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Black Bullet Season 2: 2021 Release Date, Latest News, And Everything You Need To Know

June 24, 2021

Black Bullet season 2 finally arrives after a long wait! Read on to learn more about Black Bullet season 2: release date, expected plot, and characters.

Black Bullet or Burakku Buretto is a Japanese post-apocalyptic science fiction anime based on the novel series of the same name, written by Shiden Kanzaki. The light novel series was even adapted into a manga a year after the novel series’ premiere. A few years later, an animated version of the entire light novel was released on April 8, 2014. The series definitely caught the attention of anime fans and became their favorite. The action-packed sci-fi series hasn’t been renewed for another season in a while. After a long 7-year wait, Black Bullet season 2 is on its way. Stay up to date with the latest Black Bullet Season 2 news.

Black Bullet Season 2 Release Date

Kinema Citrus Studio, which hosted the entire season 1 of Black Bullet, has already announced the sequel to the series. Kinema Citrus Studio had stated that Black Bullet season 2 would air in July 2020. However, the series has yet to be renewed. The most likely reason for the delay in Season 2 has to be the actual pandemic that is currently raging, the CoronaVirus. In addition, the first season was a success, with high critical ratings and huge earnings. Considering these aspects, it seems that the creators of Bllack Bullet are very excited to renew the series for the next season.

Previously, the premiere date of the new season of Black Bullet was announced for July 2020. However, the next season of the series has been delayed. And yet no other official announcement has been made on this matter. The series creator has not officially announced a release date and no official trailer has been released. However, we can expect a new season of Black Bullet to be released in the near future.

What to expect in Black Bullet season 2?

The theme and plot of Black Bullet season 1 revolves around a post-apocalyptic story. People are fighting a deadly parasitic virus, Gastrea, to survive the human race. The plot of this animated science fiction series is very close to the current story. Black Bullet fans have already speculated that the upcoming season will be more or less tied to the ongoing coronavirus. However, nothing has been officially announced. It would be interesting to see if the series continues with the old characters battling the Gastrea virus. Or there will be more than that. Stay up to date with the latest Black Bullet news.

Black Bullet: What is the main plot of the animated series?

Black Bullet explores a post-apocalyptic story, where the most dangerous and deadly parasitic virus has attacked humanity. The virus, Gastrea, has devastated all of humanity. And only people who have hidden within the walls of the Monolith (which is made of Varanium) can protect themselves from this deadly virus. However, the people hiding within the walls of the Monolith cannot escape the wrath of the virus either. And the children, all women, have been born with supernatural abilities since the outbreak. Therefore, these children were called “Cursed Children”. The story follows Satomi Rentaro (the regular one) and Enju Aihara (the cursed one), who will attack the Gastrea virus and protect their city, Tokyo.