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BEASTARS SEASON 3 RENEWED! Release date and plot

July 22, 2021

July has been a wonderful time for all the fans who have been desperate for Beastars season 3. Well, you can finally rest your excitement as anime finally makes its way back to screens. The anime’s parent production company announces that it is beginning work on the third installment of Beastars. The second season just started streaming on Netflix last July. It is based on the original work of the author, Paru Itagaki.

The 2016 manga was the subject of an anime adaptation in 2019. Studio Orange is the company behind producing the series. After the first season became a success, the studio was quickly renewed for a second season. Netflix is ​​currently streaming both seasons around the world. The third is on the way. What can we expect from the new season? Here is everything you need to know about the season renewal.

Beastars Season 3 – Renewed by Orange Studios!

The official Twitter of the Japanese production studio Orange posted an announcement suggesting that the company will begin work on season 3 of Beastars soon. In addition to this news, the studio has not revealed any other details about the production. The second season is currently streaming on Netflix, and many fans are catching up. At that moment, the news of the renovation is nothing more than a whim for his hobby. Go to the last subsection if you want to know the premiere date of Season 2.

What will happen in the third season?

The biggest plot point in the second season of Beastars was the hunt for Tem’s killer. At the end of the season, luckily we see that Riz is finally with the authorities. But the journey of this chase has revealed more mysteries and villains that are now behind Legoshi and Louis. Beastars season 3 is expected to see Legoshi and Louis go their separate ways, with their goal now complete. At the end of the sequel, we see that Louis wants to dedicate his life to helping other carnivores control their impulses.

As for Legoshi, he learned a harsh truth about the coexistence of different species. We will see him return to school and find a new purpose in life once again. Some speculation suggests that the pair will find themselves on a different matter in the new season. Author Paru Itagaki’s Beastars manga series currently has 22 volumes. However, the first two episodes of his anime adaptation only covered half. So there is almost too much source material for the directors to adapt for season three. This would probably cover the next 5-6 volumes of the manga.

Beastars Season 3: Release Date

For now, only the studio has confirmed the renewal of the series. Netflix has yet to confirm the release date. But we can still speculate on the series’ release dates based on release cycles. Since the production company has just started work on the project, it could take around six months to complete the animation for all twenty-four episodes. Fans can expect to see a trailer before the end of the year. So Beastars season 3 could arrive in the spring of 2022. Let’s see if this speculation turns out to be true or not.