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Backflip episode 4 release date

April 23, 2021

Backflip !!, also known by the Japanese title Bakuten !!, is a sports anime from Studio Zexcs that makes noise. It focuses on male rhythmic gymnastics and the main character, Shoutarou Futaba, has a keen interest in the sport.

At his new high school, Shoshuukan or “Aoi High”, Shoutarou manages to enroll in the gymnastics club. It was there that he met and befriended Ryouya Misato, who became famous for his talent as a gymnast in college.

The anime has already been praised for the beauty of its graphics and performance, as well as its healthy story. Episode 3 just aired and fans are already asking for more. If you can’t wait for Episode 4 of Backflip! Episode 4, read on. Below, you’ll find everything you need to know about the latest episode, including when and when it aired in different time zones.

Backflip! Episode 4 Release Date

Backflip episodes !! Air every Friday (or Thursday, depending on your time zone). Episode 4 will air next Friday, April 30 in Japan. If you are in Europe, Canada or the US and you are a premium Crunchyroll user, you will be able to watch Bakuten! Episode 4 April 29.

Backflip !! Episode 4 Release Date

Backflip !! Episode 4 will air on April 30 at 0:55 a.m. JST. If this timeline is still correct, Episode 4 will stream in different time zones as follows:

Pacific Time: 8:55 am (April 29)
Central Time: 10:55 am (April 29)
Eastern Time: 11:55 am (April 29)
UK time: 4:55 am (April 29)

Backflip !! Episode 4 Where to watch online

If you are looking for where to see Backflip !!! Episode 4 online with English subtitles, Crunchyroll is currently your best friend. Premium users will be able to watch new episodes as they arrive, while free streaming users will have to wait another week. A premium subscription to Crunchyroll starts from $ 7.99 per month.