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Apotheosis Chapter 793 Spoilers and Facts

August 5, 2021

Apotheosis Chapter 793 Spoilers and Facts

Let’s find out more about Divine Arrow and Luo Zheng’s plan in Apotheosis chapter 793. The war between the different monster clans and the human race continues, but only one man can settle scores between the different races. Luo Zheng is the only man who can bring peace between humans and other races. Divine Arrow spoke to the Elven race and told them to join him and that he could take them to Luo Zheng. He also said that they could return to the Great Blood Jade World to find the Sacred Spear.

Luo Zheng told Divine Arrow that they didn’t have to worry about it. Divine Arrow asks Luo Zheng to explain himself. Luo Zhen takes a tablet with a mark and creates a magic field around his area, and says that he has a better way to catch everyone. The elves are surprised by the energy of the spell that Luo Zheng has created. Suddenly, the elves are teleported to a place that looks like heaven. They ask each other about their place, and Divine Arrow wonders about other places in the universe. Luo Zheng tells Divine Arrow and the others that they are in the Great World of Qixia.

Divine Arrow is impressed to have teamed up with an amazing boy. Luo Zheng is the only one who has found Divine Arrow’s hideout since no one has been able to find Arrow. Flèche wonders how Luo Zheng was able to locate him and cut his traps. Luo Zhen shows everyone different things and they realize that they have hope. They discover that the Great World of Qixia is chaotic and Diving Arrow thinks he knows why. Divine Arrow comments that when there is a conflict between the kings, the surroundings suffer damage.

Highlights of Apotheosis chapter 792

Divine Arrow talks to her people and reminds them of the fight and that the guards will return to control this place. When they return, they will be taken to the King. Divine Arrow tells the elves that he and Luo Zheng will go to the King’s Chamber when they reach the Royal Palace, and that the great ones will await orders. Meanwhile, inside the royal palace, the believers talk about the Demonic Night Clan’s sister.

The sisters of the Demonic Night Clan have received the message to deal with the traitors. The hooded man reveals that the King of Carnage is the traitor and that they must deal with him. They want the King of Carnage to kneel before the Demonic Night King race and apologize. Luo Zheng believes that believers do it on purpose. But the believers are concerned because they have not seen the King of Carnage.

The judgment of faith

One of the believers wonders if the rumors about the King of Massacre are false. They realize that Heavenly Revered Divine Arrow has given them the news about the King of Punishment and the King of Life that they are rebellious. Divine Arrow encounters the hooded believers and begins killing them with volleys of arrows. He comments that they are dogs that bark, but do not bite. The hooded believers scold the Divine Arrow, asking her why she dares to kill her fellow clans on the king’s platform.

They wonder how the King of Carnage chooses a disrespectful person like him as the Celestial Venerable. They believe the King of Carnage made a mistake. Luo Zheng wonders what the believers are doing, since they can’t get by without a fight. Divine Arrow tells Luo Zheng that these guys want to launch a “Judgment of Faith” and sends them off the King’s platform.

Luo Zheng wonders what it is. Flèche Dévine replies that the platform is the base of the three kings, and that once destroyed, the king’s powers are reduced. The entire clan rises to protect the King’s platform using the Judgment of Faith to defend it. Divine Arrow also explained how the Judgment of Faith works and how powerful it is. A demonic night race emerges to punish the two, and Luo Zheng decides to fight it.

Apotheosis Chapter 793 release date

The release date for Apotheosis Chapter 793 is August 5, 2021. This manga publishes four chapters per week, unless the manga is delayed. New Apotheosis chapters will be available every week, but we don’t have an official way to read the final chapter of this manga. Make sure you don’t miss the next chapters of Apotheosis.