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Anime: One Piece Episode 979 Release Date

June 14, 2021

The latest episode of One Piece Episode will be released soon. With so much anticipation and excitement for the next episode. Everyone wants to know about One Piece episode 979. Everybody wants to know about spoilers and everything.

One Piece is surely a GOAT in the anime world. The best of all time”

with the longest service life. Running for so many years, he has always been able to keep up the anticipation. The love of fans has not diminished an inch. The story and the plot involve you as if you were part of it. This is the reason for its huge fan base. It is connectivity with the public.

Find out all about the new episode of One Piece here. So, let’s go ! !!

Release date:

So if you are waiting for the official premiere of the last episode. So here are the details for that.

  • One Piece episode 979 will be released on June 20. It will launch at 9:30 a.m. M. It will be available on streaming platforms like – Crunchyroll.
  • Title – “The worst accusations of the generation! The battle of the rough sea “.
  • But if you don’t want to kill yourself waiting for the premiere. Read on for the full spoilers.

Spoilers for One Piece Episode 979:

So here is a quick rundown of what will happen next:

  • One Piece is now back in Luffy’s time. They are followed by a samurai from the Oden era. He’s here to take revenge for Oden’s death.
  • There will be a reveal of Kanjuro as the spy. However, he will be able to trick Kinemon and escape.
  • There will be an incredible battle between the worst generation and Kinemon’s side.
  • Ultimately, it will end with the escape of curiosity about the laws. Kanjuro couldn’t figure out anything.
  • All in all, the next episode has a lot of twists in store for viewers. It will be full of action battles. So, watch One Piece Episode 979 and enjoy the excitement.