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A royal princess with black hair season 2: all in him

August 6, 2021

A Royal Princess with Black Hair Season 2: All in Him

Shoujo Manhwa is very popular. With more and more webtoon readers, they are looking for stories that make their eyes sparkle. One of these manhwas is a royal princess with black hair, also known as the princess with black hair. This manhwa is a great combination of adventure, magic, and comedy. Also, the chemistry between the two main characters is absolutely adorable. The manhwa is written by Ellian Yang and illustrated by Pang-e. It is very popular. It is quite popular and has been published by six different sources: C&C Revolution Inc., Comico, Kakao, Mr. Blue, Naver, and PeanuToon. The manhwa has also been serialized in three different magazines, Comico Korea, kakaopage, and Naver Webtoon. The manhwa recently completed an arc, and fans are wondering if that was the end of season 2 of A Royal Princess With Black Hair.

The black-haired princess has also been received very positively abroad, and many English publishers have acquired licenses for the manhwa. Its main characters are widely praised for their quirky personalities and fairly well-written interactions. The manhwa launched in 2019 and has since published 59 chapters. He builds a cute love-hate relationship between a pair of royal princes and princesses, each of whom is unwilling to get married.

A dark-haired royal princess has come a long way. Much action and adventure has taken place in the last few chapters. Is A Dark Haired Princess Season 2 Over? Here is everything you need to know about this season!

About the black haired princess

Karyuel is the crown prince of the Murien empire. It is so beautiful that it looks like a perfectly crafted sculpture. The young prince is already a master swordsman at the age of sixteen. Although many girls are crazy about him, Karyuel must marry the princess of the Carina Empire, Yurishien. However, Karyuel has no plans to get married. Therefore, he hopes to break up the marriage by giving his future wife a hard time. But he is surprised when Yurishien offers him the same idea and shows his disinterest in the marriage.

The two have a love-hate relationship, while pretending to be together in front of their parents. Over time, Yurishien realizes that there are many threats against her, now that she is Karyuel’s fiancée. One by one, the two friends overcome these dangers. They encountered demons, dark magic users, and even the hero, Eden. As they go on adventures together, the distance between them gets smaller. Maybe love will finally blossom between them?

A Royal Princess With Black Hair Season 2 Release Date

On August 3, 2021, A Royal Princess With Black Hair Chapter 59 was released. The first season of the manhwa ended in September 2020 with chapter 39. A few months later, the manhwa was rebooted with the second season of the story. The story of the second season continued with the memories of the couple on their engagement trip. We finally saw them come face to face with the ancient demon and the unknown user of dark magic. Although they were unable to defeat the demon, they escaped his wrath with the help of Kisliki and Eden, the wizard of the White Tower. After their adventurous journey, the two have returned home and are now much closer together. It seems that their relationship has grown a lot since then. Did Dark-Haired Princess Royal season 2 end with the end of her journey?

No, this is not the case. Considering that the first season had around 40 chapters, it doesn’t seem like the second season ends in eighteen chapters. Regardless, season two is still in the works, and it looks like Ellian Yang and Pang-e will discover a lot more this season. So sit back and get ready to experience new twists and adorable stories from Yurishien and Karyuel for your weekly dose of serotonin.

The manhwa is available to read in Copin Comics, Lezhin, Manta, Pocket Comics, Tapas, Tappytoon, and English comics. He was later fired by Webtoons as well, and is also available to read on the app and on the website.