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Without any regrets: Explanation of the ending! Post-credits scene, etc.

April 30, 2021

See the explanation for the ending of No Remorse on Amazon Prime Video! Post-credits scene, etc.

Without any regrets will soon be available on Amazon Prime Video! If you want to know everything about the explanation of the end of Without any regrets, keep reading! The film premiered on April 30 in Spain! As you probably know from watching the trailer and the movie, from Without any regrets by Tom Clancy. Michael B. Jordan’s John Clark is about to have a really bad day. The elite soldier is married and it’s time to settle down to start a family.

The problem is, on his last mission, he and his team were duped by a CIA agent. They thought they would seize an asset controlled by Syrian forces. Instead, it was the Russian army and they will not reimburse them. They storm the United States and kill everyone except Clark and Greer, even Clark’s pregnant wife, Pam. Greer’s mentor, Secretary of Defense Clay, tries to help them, but Clark has other plans.

The movie Without any regrets is an adaptation of the homonymous novel by Tom Clancy. To buy the book, click here. Other, To enjoy the Kindle format with a free 14-day trial, it’s here. If you finished Without any regrets, you may have questions about the ending or its post-credits scene, we tell you everything!

Explanation of the end of Without any regrets

When Kelly finally confronts Rykov, the villain makes a shocking admission: he works for the United States. The original attack on Syria at the beginning of the film, the assassination of Kelly’s team and his wife are part of a CIA plan to stoke tensions with Russia and spark a new global conflict. Actually, he is not the puppeteer behind everything, he is just a henchman. So even though he is blown up, his death doesn’t give Kelly the peace and closure she needs as the real culprit is still running, but this time he’s a little closer to home.

Only when Kelly returns to America in one piece does she unmask the real villain behind it all: Senator Clay. Bounce after bounce! Then he explains the benefits of a new “world war” for the economy. Unfortunately for the corrupt politician, Kelly has yet to get his revenge to get a semblance of conclusion about the entire situation, with the soldier leading the couple from a bridge into a river so he can watch Clay drown.

To end of no remorse, it is revealed that the hero also faked his own death in order to go out into the world as “John Clark”, which is the identity of the character in the Tom Clancy novels. It’s almost like Without any regrets was preparing for a sequel …

without any final regrets

Explanation of the post-credits scene of Without any regrets

Once arrived at end of no remorse, Kelly finally gets the name by which he is best known “John Clark.” And in a post-credits scene, the new John Clark reveals his plans for the organization he is best known for: Rainbow.

The mid-credits scene shows Clark and new CIA Director Robert Ritter chatting outside the Washington Monument. Ritter says he’s surprised Clark is returning to DC after everything that has happened, but Clark has good reason to return.

This is a pretty clear mockery for the “Rainbow Six” movie that’s in the works. For those who don’t know, Rainbow is the most secretive of the black ops organizations in the Clancy universe. More literally, the name refers to old color-coded war scene plans that the US government had in the early 20th century. There were five of these plans that were put in place for five hypothetical major war situations that the United States could find itself in in the future. So the Rainbow organization is all about having a new plan for a new kind of war.

So it seems that a Clancyverse is possible, but so far, we don’t know about that. We just know that we have many reasons to look forward to the continuation of Michael B. Jordan’s John Clark adventures, and that, in theory, all options remain on the table.