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This Is Us Season 6: When will it be released? A planned sequel?

May 26, 2021

Discover all the information about season 6 of This Is Us on Amazon Prime, Canal +! Release date, renewal, etc.

This Is Us is available on Amazon Prime Video! If you want to know everything about the launch of season 6, keep reading! Released in 2017, the hit series follows the lives of Jack and Rebecca Pearson and their three children, twins Kevin and Kate, as well as their adopted son, Randall. We are addresses the global history of the clan, from the respective childhood of the parents to their meeting and eventual marriage. It continues after the young years of the big three, until today, when they have grown into full adults who also have families of their own.

The series also garnered much praise and recognition for the actors’ performances. Although the plots unfold on different timelines, the events in the characters’ lives are perfectly intertwined. So it’s not hard to see why fans are eagerly awaiting season six. We tell you all about him This Is Us Season 6 Released On Amazon Prime Video !

What’s the release date for This Is Us season 6?

Season 5 of This Is Us launched on October 27, 2020 and ended on May 25, 2021. Season 5 consists of 16 episodes that are approximately 40 minutes long. The series got a rarer makeover three years after its third season, allowing it to continue in business at least until season 6, scheduled for 2021. However, this will be the end of the road for We areNBC recently revealed that next year will be its last.

In general, We are launches a new season the third week of September. Which coincides with the launch of the fall television season. This is also the reason why last year is shorter than previous ones. But, with the global health pandemic hopefully in its final stages. It can be assumed that the series will revert to its old release schedule. The This Is Us season 6 release date Then it would be scheduled for September! If this is not the case and production is delayed, I would rather be early 2022!

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What can we expect from the future?

Fogelman said that while the first three seasons of We are they were clearly dedicated to Jack’s life. Much of the second half of the series will be dedicated to Rebecca. Although some changes had to be made to the story of This Is Us Season 5, given the circumstances the world was in during production. Chances are high that they will return to that main arc that would put the Pearson matriarch at the center of the narrative.

The series’ flashforwards will continue as well and may even be more prominent in the This Is Us Season 6 as they revolve around Rebecca’s death. The series has yet to explain what Nicky’s exact role in the family would be, especially since it is revealed that he has kept in touch with the family.