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Them Season 1: Amazon Prime Video Series Ending Explanation?

April 15, 2021

See the final explanation in detail for Season 1 of Them or Them on Amazon Prime Video!

They are available on Amazon Prime Video! If you want to know everything about him End of season 1 of them, keep reading! They or they in French is a horror-drama anthology series that airs on Amazon Prime by beginning writer and creator Little Marvin. Season 1 of the series takes place in the 1950s, during the Great Migration, and follows a black family moving to a white neighborhood in California. The Emory family is soon haunted by murderous spirits in their home and equally malicious racist neighbors who seem to stop at nothing to get them to move in.

Terrified on all sides, the family spirals out of control when the ghosts of their own darkness begin to take over. The last time they were seen, they were standing inside a ring of fire. What will happen to the Emory family? If the season 1 finale of them left you with questions, you’ve come to the right place. Before continuing, if you want to know when season 2 will be released, read this.

The Season 1 Ending Explained on Amazon Prime Video

With a lot of horrors and a punchy ending. First of all, we need to get rid of one detail: Betty. Between TheyBetty was seduced by George, her milkman who was flirting with her. He turned out to be less loved than a mad kidnapper. George took Betty to his farm and trapped her in his bunker. When she tried to escape, he shot her when he saw her. So Betty is dead, although her nosy neighbors will never know.

Back to the Emory. Episode 10 of They opens with a heartbreaking situation. After slowly losing his sanity at the hands of his racist neighbors and his cursed house, Lucky was hospitalized. Although his doctor insisted he was doing the right thing, Lucky knew it. I was about to be lobotomized. Meanwhile, Henry was not in a much better position.

While trying to escape the neighborhood, Henry and his daughters were surrounded by some of those same neighbors who wanted to know what had happened to Betty. Of course Henry had no idea and of course they didn’t believe him. They beat Henry and tried to hang him in front of Ruby and Gracie. Lucky managed to escape from the hospital just as Henry escaped from his captors. He almost killed Marty’s baby, but changed his mind at the last minute. Instead, he flees home with his daughters, and Lucky quickly joins them. When he entered, a ring of fire surrounded the building. It was real and Lucky, whether he knew it or not, exploited it.

Emory’s matriarch has returned to a broken house. One by one, Lucky saved his family members who were trapped in their own supernatural hell. For Gracie, it was the beating of her fictional idol, Miss Vera. For Ruby, she was being strangled by her own mother. And for Henry, it was facing his own black-faced ghost. Henry tried to get Lucky out of the house, but she wasn’t finished. After telling his children not to run away, he entered the basement and faced his own demon. Get ready to see Lucky against the man in the black hat.

The man in the black hat tried to lure Lucky to stay with him forever by bringing Lucky’s little boy back to life. More Lucky a vu clair dans son jeu. At the time of the cella, it is the pris of the chapelet and the “Je te vois”, denonçant cet homme pour ses années d’hypocrisie et l’utilisation du nom du Seigneur as excuse for abuser others. It worked, and the man in the black hat lit up.

While the Emorys tended to their own demons, inside and out, their neighbors called the police. The End of season 1 of them shows us the Emory hugging while the police point their guns at them, in the context of “To Be Young, Gifted and Black” by Nina Simone. We have no idea what happened to the Emorys. But if America’s history is any indication, then an unfair prison sentence is the best possible scenario.

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Why is George killing Betty?

George the milkman is a strong supporter of Betty’s cause for most of the series. And the two of them spend a lot of time discussing how to get the Emory family out of the neighborhood. Promising to be a man of action, George offers to help Betty, and she accepts his offer, but is drugged and kidnapped by him. It is discovered that George has an unhealthy obsession with Betty and that he keeps her locked in an underground silo, believing that the two can have a happy life together. When Betty stabs him and tries to escape, she knocks him down without hesitation.

George’s character is ironic and highlights the neighborhood’s blindness to the real villain who hides among them. As all the Emorys suspect of being responsible for Betty’s disappearance and accuse them of destroying the neighborhood. It was his milkman who murdered a member of his community. The milkman who murders Betty is one of the many forms of racist hypocrisy, but the most egregious, highlighted in the series.