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The Scarlet Handmaid Season 4: Serena is pregnant, is Fred the father?

May 8, 2021

Discover all the revelations about Serena’s fat in The Handmaid’s Tale! Rita reveals it, etc.

The Scarlet Handmaid is available on Amazon Prime Video! If you want to know everything about Serena and the fact that she is pregnant, keep reading! The first episodes of Season 4 of The Handmaid’s Tale they have already been full of action and plot developments. But one of the most intriguing events is when Rita reveals the serena’s pregnancy to Fred Waterford. To learn all about the Episode 5 release, read this.

A lot has already happened and all the characters seem to be going through a difficult time. But it is also fascinating to watch the behavior of some of the characters now that they have been ripped from the suffocating domination of the nation. There is a sense of cathartic karma watching the Waterfords go head to head with each other, finally out of control. We tell you all about Serena and the fact that she is pregnant on the The Scarlet Maid Season 4 !

Who is the father of Serena’s future child? Is Fred the father?

An ultrasound revealed that Serena is pregnant of a small child. This can be determined as early as the 14th week of pregnancy, and a lump usually begins to develop around the 16th week of pregnancy. The fact that Serena was shocked by the news means that she was probably 12-16 weeks pregnant when she found out. Although Fred was not particularly faithful in his marriage. Serena has been, which means that there is little or no doubt that Fred is the father of Serena’s baby.

As his sex life was not particularly active, it is presumed that the boy was conceived in Episode 11 of Season 3 of The Handmaid’s Tale, when Serena and Fred had sex while staying at a bed and breakfast. The excitement of breaking the rules and the blasphemous conversation that followed led to the conception of Fred and Serena’s baby, who did not follow Gilead’s law to the letter, as they had in previous years.

Among Gilead’s many illogical laws is a ban on fertility tests, IVF treatments, or even pregnancy tests. So it was never confirmed that Fred or Serena were infertile. In Serena’s case, the pregnancy seems to have restored her faith in Gilead, but it remains to be seen how Fred reacts in the long term to learning that she is having a biological child.

Scarlet Maid Serena Pregnant

Why does Rita reveal to Fred that Serena is pregnant?

But if Rita seems to have compassion for Serena when they meet. She certainly did not forgive the Waterfords or give them a pass for their behavior. On the contrary, he makes an intriguing move when he announces to Fred Serena’s pregnancy, knowing that you are not supposed to learn it. The reasons for doing this are not explicitly explored, but there are many possibilities. The most obvious reason is that, as he tells Fred, “you take care of your family. It is no longer my job ”. She is no longer a Martha, she is free to do whatever she wants, away from the blindly amoral partner.

At this point, Rita denies and also betrays Serena’s trust. She clearly sees in the manipulation of Serena, who tries to make it seem that the “friendship” they once shared at the Waterford house was more than slavery. Serena is a master at playing with people’s emotions to get what she wants. She been doing it all The scarlet maid.

Rita knows that dropping the pregnancy bomb will only exacerbate the already toxic enmity between the couple. And he uses it as a final provocation against two people who have taken pleasure in controlling and hurting others.