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The Scarlet Handmaid Season 4: Janine and June’s problems, their son, etc.

May 8, 2021

Discover Janine’s explanations in the fourth season of The Handmaid’s Tale! His son, June, etc.

The Scarlet Handmaid is available on Amazon Prime Video! If you want to know everything about Janine, keep reading! The Season 4 of The Handmaid’s Tale continues to explore not only June’s survival, but her attempts to join Mayday and fight Gilead. After the end of Episode 3 of Season 4, which saw the deaths of several Maids like Alma, Episode 4 sees June and Janine on the run, trying to get to Chicago. To learn everything about Episode 5, read this.

Along with the central story of “Milk”, the flashbacks show part of the past of Janine. One of the things you go to is what you think is an abortion clinic, only to find that the people inside want to do whatever it takes to make sure that Janine has the babyand spending time with his son Caleb. Season 3 of The Handmaid’s Scarlet revealed that Caleb is dead, which Janine apparently ignores. And flashbacks serve to reinforce the sense of tragedy that follows. Also, they highlight what is a growing problem for the show and its title character.

The June / Janine problem

Diving into Janine’s story in the Scarlet Maid Season 4 emphasizes the great character that he is. Again, it shows how much she was able to overcome, like most of the women forced to live under the Gilead regime. But above all, it makes the viewer want to know more about Janine’s story, in the past as in the present. June herself is all of this, but it feels like The Handmaid’s Tale she’s at her wit’s end when it comes to fully utilizing him as the main character.

The Handmaid’s Tale story starts to get repetitive, and that’s due to his addiction to June. She is captured, tortured, escapes, goes somewhere else, then ends up being captured again and the cycle begins again. The stakes are still high, but the effects diminish slightly when viewers have seen so much and know that whatever happens, June will survive. Rather, anything Janine does carries risk and much more at stake, as, as the deaths of the other Handmaids have shown, she can be killed at any time.

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What happened to Janine’s son?

As June learns from reading the archives, the son of janine, Caleb, changed his name to Samuel Covington when he was adopted by his new family. Then, just a year after Gilead’s inauguration, Caleb died in a car accident. In a voiceover, June points out that although children are precious or well protected at Gilead, accidents can still happen and they can still die.

Later, when Janine Asked if he has learned anything about what happened to Caleb, June decides not to tell him the truth. Instead, she tells him that she moved with her new family to California, that she lives on the beach, and that her mother looks great. The Season 4 of The Handmaid’s Tale It shows once again that June does everything she can to protect Janine from the harsh realities of life at Gilead, but also that Janine loses her patience when pampered.

But if it may seem fragile, Janine it’s really very strong in its own way. When she was sent to the colonies, she struggled to bring happiness to her companions, and at the end of episode 4, there is a role reversal, Janine protecting June from the harsh realities of survival by paying the price.

June and Janine are now trying to get out of Gilead. And Janine may know the truth about her son’s death. If that happens, it’s hard to predict if this is what will break her or if it will be just another tragedy she will manage to endure.