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Sun season 2: what release date? A planned sequel?

June 4, 2021

Find out all about Dom Season 2 on Amazon Prime Video! Release date, renewal, etc.

Dom is available on Amazon Prime Video! If you want to know When will season 2 be released?, keep reading! Sun is a documentary series based on the true story of a father and son in Brazil. Directed by Breno Silveira, he also plays the role of showrunner for the series. This Brazilian crime thriller series was produced by Conspiração.

Victor Dantas is a young diver who, by a twist of fate, discovers something at the bottom of a lake. Upon reporting him to the authorities, he decides to join them in the police intelligence services. Then he dedicated his life to the fight against narcotics. However, your son, like his intentions, leads a different life. Pedro Dom himself has become a drug addict and the most wanted man in Brazil.

He was introduced to cocaine when he was a teenager. He then embarked on a path that allowed him to become the leader of a criminal gang and dominate Rio’s underworld in the early 2000s. This series follows the lives of a father and son living a life of contrasts and se complement in situations. that blur the lines between good and evil. If you have completed the first season, you probably want to know when Sun Season 2 launches on Amazon Prime Video.

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What is the release date for Dom season 2 on Amazon Prime Video?

The first season premiered on Friday June 4, 2021 in its entirety with 8 episodes of approximately 1 hour. Currently, the series has not had a renewal announcement. It’s fine considering it’s just released and it’s not a big-budget series.

Amazon Prime Video will renew the series if the reviews are good and it is popular with the public. In the case of a renewal, the Dom Season 2 Release Date should be set for the second part of the year 2022 at Amazon Prime Video.