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Sun Season 1: Amazon Series Ending Explained!

June 7, 2021

Watch the Dom Season 1 ending explanation on Amazon Prime Video!

Dom is available on Amazon Prime Video! If you want to know the explanation of the end of season 1, keep reading! Amazon Prime Video’s new action drama series called DOM was released on June 4, 2021. The series’ release has been highly anticipated by audiences since the release of its trailer. It received rave reviews from the public. This eight-part series kept audiences captivated throughout the series.

Sun It is based on real events that took place in Rio de Janeiro. It tells the story of a father and son duo who lived in a neighborhood plagued with illegal activities such as the drug mafia and other crimes. The father’s name is Víctor, a policeman who has fought all his life to eradicate antisocial elements from his town.

He did not expect his son Pedro to embark on the dangerous path of drugs rather than join him in his fight. Pedro becomes one of the city’s most famous drug lords and Victor desperately tries to get him back. To know everything about him Dom season 1 ends, keep reading!

Dom Season 1 Ending Explanation

Sun episode 8 It begins when Pedro and his gang leave after the disaster at the end of the previous episode. The title of Episode 8 of Dom is a reference to what Pedro thinks everyone should be doing, but Figueira, like all bosses in the world, will not allow them much rest.

Figueira may not have a voice, at least not if anti-corruption chief Alberto Barradas has something to do with it. Pedro is once again offered a deal, this time related to his father, and he is rescued for a large sum, which Marisa and Laura reunite by selling the apartment without notifying Víctor, who is occupied by the mission.

sun season 1 finale

It works to get Pedro back. Afterwards, you want to detox again, but we don’t think you can. Outside of the main plot, that’s what Dom really represents, and that’s what’s tragic. Despite the progress, both in terms of Pedro’s addiction and his relationship with his father, he is lost again and his past catches up with him.

You can never get over it, and the Dom season 1 ends crystallizes this idea. Perhaps sometimes the only way to escape the past is to detonate it completely, drop a living grenade, and let it explode all the difficulties that follow you. It doesn’t seem like the smartest plan. I think Dom will work better if we never really know if it worked or not.