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Skylines: Amazon Prime Video Movie Ending Explained!

June 2, 2021

Check out the explanation of the end of horizons on Amazon Prime Video! Rescue, reunion, etc.

Skylines is available on Amazon Prime Video! If you want to know the explanation of the end, keep reading! Create the magic of the B movie, because the “B” is now synonymous with “blockbuster”, with the great visual effects spectacle of fighting aliens and flying ships in space.

Despite all the generic science fiction story that takes place in the previous 105 minutes of Horizons, it is the images of the disguises falling apart, the green screen sets and the discontented fight choreography at the end that shows how to receive this film: an exciting project that wants to honor visual effects artists as true heroes! If you have any questions about the end of horizons, we tell you everything!

Skylines ending explained

Rose was born on a Reapers ship. After the death of her biological parents, Mark Corley, the protagonist of the second film, raised her. A brotherly bond was formed between Rose and Mark’s son, Trent, who became a pilot. After the war ends and Rose leaves, their relationship is strained, especially since Trent works with the people who persecute her.

However, as soon as she returns and is reunited with her brother, their relationship reverts to its predetermined and calm phase. With the little time he has left, he wants to make sure, more than anything, that his brother does not turn into a heartless killer. She also sees the mission on Cobalt-1 as a way to redeem herself, not only from the deaths of Leon’s sister and other soldiers caught in the crossfire, but also from the pilots inside the Reapers’ ships.

Radford released the virus among the pilot population to peacefully euthanize them. Realizing that his genocidal plan bounced off the humans at the base in an excellent example of karmic justice, he decides to use the Navy’s central engine to eliminate the Pilots. This is the main hidden reason for the mission, known in its entirety only to Radford and Colonel Owens. After learning the extent of Radford’s betrayal and his evil intentions, Rose manages to defeat him with the help of Trent, Leon, and Zhi.

end of horizons explanation

Back on Earth, the imminent danger comes from the prospect of the impending destruction of London by the infected Pilots. Taking part in a race against time and protected by Kate and Huana, Dr. Mal develops a serum capable of reducing the effects of the virus. Ironically, this ancient tool of human destruction is used to protect both the Pilots and the Originals. Using the hard drive and serum, Dr. Mal and Rose heal the infected pilots.

To end of horizons, Zhi announces to Rose and Trent that he has found a secret facility where Radford has imprisoned all of his enemies, including his father. The end of horizons while brothers Leon, Zhi and Violet set out on a new path to find Mark. Given the resilience and determination of the siblings and the fact that they are surrounded by people who really care about them, they will find their father again, although it may take a while. Mark disappeared without a trace shortly after Rose and was obviously captured by Radford officers at some point.