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Mr Robot Season 4: Explained the end of the series!

May 26, 2021

Discover the explanation of the end of season 4 of Mr. Robot! Various personalities, etc.

Mr Robot is available on Amazon Prime Video! If you want to know everything about him end of season 4, keep reading! For four seasons, Elliot Alderson of Mr robot appears on screens as the latest sci-fi tech thriller superhero. His ability to slip in and out of stories and hold on to this larger than life character has captivated viewers and turns out to be a nod to one of the show’s biggest twists.

The latest season of Mr. Robot may have left some viewers scratching their heads, wondering what is real, what is an alternate world, and who controls Elliot now. We are here to analyze the Mr Robot season 4 finale and what it means.

Mr. Robot season 4 finale explained

In the superb Mr. Robot season 4 finaleWe finally find out why Elliot has these elevated personality traits. Elliot seems to be a fictional character because he always has been… metaphorically speaking. About a year ago, around the time of the show going back to episode 1. Elliot Alderson disappeared into his own head and someone else came out of it. During the 43 episodes of Mr. Robot, we never met Elliot Alderson.

Instead, we’ve been fooled by the revenge-obsessed part of his personality known only as “The Mastermind.” This is the personality that Magda, Elliot’s mother, refers to when she talks about “the other” in episode 2 of season 4.

Mr robot made this astonishing revelation to end of season 4. Mr. Robot reveals a similar side universe before revealing that what we are seeing is, in fact, the content of Elliot Alderson’s consciousness. In the real world, Elliot was very successful in stopping Whiterose’s plan. The Elliot “side” is not an Elliot from another universe at all. It is the real Elliot who has been trapped deep within his own consciousness, while the Mastermind is unleashed outside.

This situation is quite confusing, and the show does its best to get three different characters to try to communicate to Elliot exactly what is happening. Krista, who is just another part of Elliot’s mind in this context, discovers the details of Elliot’s fractured psyche. There are no fewer than five alternate personalities that exist in Elliot’s brain. Namely, The Protector – Mr. Robot. The Chaser – Elliot’s mom, Magda Alderson. Younger than Elliot. The voyeurs: us and the mastermind.

Explanation of personalities

As we already knew Mr robot was the first Elliot personality to introduce himself. Elliot’s mind was fractured after falling out of the window, and Mr. Robot was born just as Elliot’s real father died. Then comes the mother’s personality, the Persecutor, representing Elliot’s belief that he is somehow responsible for his own abuse and must pay the price. Then came Elliot’s young me that emerged to deal with the abuse that Elliot couldn’t understand or handle.

Finally, just as the events of the series begin, the latest and most powerful of Elliot’s identities has emerged: The Mastermind. The Mastermind was a reaction to all of Elliot’s rage against an unjust and exploitative world. Mastermind takes full control of the being known as Elliot Alderson, seeks to create a better world and succeeds. Meanwhile, the real Elliot was safe in a fantasy world, living all of his dreams. In this fantasy world, the real Elliot had a loving father and mother, a good job, and Angela as a future wife. However, the only thing the real Elliot didn’t have was Darlene.

mr robot season 4 finale

And this is how the conclusion of Mr. Robot as a series ends up being a moving reunion between two characters whose actors have already shared a lot of screen time together. Mastermind accepts who he is and soon wakes up in Elliot’s body, back in the real world, in a hospital bed.

Darlene explains to Elliot that not only is it the real world, but everything that happened to them actually happened. They really created Fsociety, they really eliminated the debt of the world. They really took down E Corp and Dark Army. Trenton, Mobley, and Angela are really dead.

The Mastermind’s job is done. The world is saved. It’s time for Elliot to come home. So that’s what happens in the end of season 4 of Mr. Robot. Finally, the Mastermind, Mr. Robot, young Elliot, his mother, and us, the spectators, took our seats in a theater. The screen and projector begin to fade and the screen materializes into an iris as all the personalities watch Elliot take control. The show ends with Elliot waking up, with only his eye visible, and Darlene’s voice welcoming her real brother with a “Hello, Elliot.”