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Modern Love Season 2: Kit Harington Gives Us Another Outstanding Performance

August 16, 2021

The American actor jumped to the fore with his portrayal of the famous John Snow in game of Thrones. He perfectly embodied this tormented hero but with a sense of justice!

Following the success of all eight seasons of GoT, Kit Harington landed several roles: 7 days in hell, Criminal: United Kingdom (Season 2 Episode 2)… He even voiced the character of Eret in the animated film Dragon 3: The Hidden World.

His best performance will (perhaps) forever remain his role in game of Thrones but we must admit that his character was far from funny or even romantic. Therefore, Kit Harington has shown us in 7 days in hell that he was capable of playing a comic character.

With his role in season 2 of Modern Love, we can once again enjoy the talent of the British actor, but in a romantic comedy! If you’ve never seen the fiction available on Prime Video before, know that Modern Love features one romantic story per episode (inspired by the New York Times column).

So you can watch episode 3 of season 2 which is titled ” Stranger on a train (A stranger on the train). You won’t get lost as each episode is independent. All the action takes place on a train that takes its passengers from Galway to Dublin.

The heroine of the fiction is a rather shy woman who carefully observes the world around her. She pays attention to every passenger who enters her carriage and focuses more particularly on Michael, who she guessed is played by Kit Harrington.

The two protagonists will get to know each other and the least we can say is that the current has gone quite well. To know the result, you will need to watch the episode available exclusively on Prime Video.

The chemistry between the two main actors is just superb and if you like romantic stories, you should go for it and watch this famous episode and maybe even all the others!

For now, Modern Love season 3 has yet to be renewed by Prime Video and the rather disappointing start to the second season could lead to the cancellation of the fiction …