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Modern Love Season 2 Episode 3: Final Explanation and True Story!

August 15, 2021

Check out the final explanation and true story of Modern Love Season 2 Episode 3 on Prime Video!

Modern Love is available on Amazon Prime Video! If you want to know the explanation of the end of episode 3, keep reading! Cecilia Pesao boarded the train from Paris to Barcelona in February 2020, and there was a man in her seat. She asked him to move. The trip took six hours and he needed a power outlet to be able to work. But they quickly started talking, had coffee together, and flirted a bit.

Finally, they decided not to change their numbers after this long trip and to meet in Paris a few weeks later. Then a pandemic broke out. Cecilia wrote the story in a few sentences and submitted it to the New York Times as a Tiny Love Story. It was launched in April 2020, when the pandemic was raging.

The Times then called her to ask if she would be interested in an Amazon Prime Video adaptation of an episode of the second season of their hit anthology-style series Modern Love, based on the column of the same name. She has accepted. We tell you all about the true story and the end of episode 3 !

modern love season 2 episode 3 finale

Modern love season 2 episode 3 ending explained

Michael begins to think of ways to meet Paula, and the thought reminds him of an address he heard during the train ride. In a first scene, Paula reveals her address to a delivery man. Michael suddenly remembers the name of the road that Paula told the delivery man earlier: “Oxmantown Road.”

Michael does some research on the internet and discovers that this path really exists. He goes out into the street and spies on the neighbors who are watching the “Lord of the Rings.” A woman walks towards Michael’s car, he takes her for Paula but makes a mistake. We see the length of the path in the last shot, which gives the audience an elaborate idea of ​​the difficulty of the task. With a brilliant masterstroke, the story ends without conclusion.

At this point, the audience must be wondering if the devoted but doomed lovers will meet again. We don’t know exactly what happened in real life, but from what they show us, Michael should be able to track down Paula with enough dedication. More importantly, since Paula is the one telling the story, she couldn’t have known that Michael had found her address unless they had actually seen each other again.

So while the ending itself is ambiguous, there are enough clues in the story to suggest that Paula and Michael meet again and maybe even end up together. The episode takes some creative and romantic liberties with the true story of what happened. In fact, Cecilia’s trainmate found her on Twitter a few weeks after the pandemic ruined their dating plans, and then they exchanged their numbers.

They have not spoken for a long time, since they do not live in the same country, and on August 13, the day they Modern Love season 2 lands on Amazon Prime. Cecilia has not yet told him that their little romance will be the subject of a television series. We tell you everything!