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Kevin Can F ** k Himself: Season 1 Launch of Prime Video’s New Tragicomedy

August 27, 2021

Kevin Can F ** k Himself is an American series created by Valérie Armstrong. This black comedy immerses us in the daily life of Allison McRoberts, a wife forced to lead a gloomy life with her husband Kévin, an unambitious and insensitive male child.

Despite being the star of a sitcom, Allison is willing to do anything to break free from her husband’s grip.

Kevin Can F ** k Himself: Prime Video’s New Dark Comedy

After more than 10 years playing the role of Kévin’s wife, the protagonist of a sitcom, Allison is tired of the way she is treated and will do everything possible to organize the murder of her husband.

Whenever Kevin is on screen for his Kevin Can Wait TV show, the series goes into multi-camera comedy mode.

Allison’s life, therefore, is presented from different perspectives in the series: that of a married woman with a sitcom cliché when she is in the company of her husband, filmed with laughter in the club, and that of an unhappy woman in the wedding when alone, filmed with a single camera and classic television drama setting.

At the casting of Kevin Can F ** k Himself

In the casting of this new tragicomedy, we find Eric Peterson in the role of Kevin and Annie Murphy in that of his wife Allison.

What is the release date of season 1 of Kevin Can F ** k Himself on Prime Video?

The first episodes of this series aired on AMC + in June 2021. But the first season of Kevin Can F ** k Himself is now available on the Prime Video streaming platform, starting Friday, August 27, 2021.

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