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Jolt 2: What’s the release date on Amazon Prime Video? A planned sequel?

July 24, 2021

Find out all the information about the launch of Jolt 2 on Amazon Prime Video! Release date, renewal, etc.

Jolt is available on Amazon Prime Video! If you want to know When will Jolt 2 be released?, keep reading! Amazon Prime would surely love to see Jolt launch an action franchise focused on Kate Beckinsale, possibly made possible by two things. The Underworld series that goes off and the John Wick series that is established.

Tanya Wexler directs this film, which follows Buffaloed, a sarcastic jewel of comedy, with an equally sarcastic, but definitely more exciting film, with lots of violence and just enough of Laverne Cox, Stanley Tucci and Bobby Cannavale to make it tasty. At least on paper. The cast also includes Bobby Cannavale, Jai Courtney, Laverne Cox, David Bradley, Ori Pfeffer, Susan Sarandon, and Stanley Tucci. We tell you all about him Jolt 2 released on Amazon Prime Video !

What is the Jolt 2 release date on Amazon Prime Video?

Jolt was released on July 23, 2021 on Amazon Prime. The film received moderate reviews, with some critics praising the action sequences and comedic elements of the film. As for a Sequel to Jolt, this is what we know. An official statement has yet to be made to confirm or deny the development of a sequel.

However, Beckinsale has said in an interview that he would like to make another movie set in the same universe. So if a following jolt takes place, you will most likely participate in it. Also, the ending of the film points to a possible continuation of the story.

Ultimately, it will all depend on the performance of Jolt’s audience. If all goes well and the second film is approved in the next few months, the Jolt 2 release date It is expected to be set in 2023 on Amazon Prime Video.

shake 2 amazons

What can we expect from the Jolt sequel?

After being released from the hospital, Lindy returns to her burning apartment, where she finds a woman in a costume waiting for her. It turns out that the woman is a CIA agent and participated in the agency’s experiments with Lindy. She asks Lindy to come work for the CIA, adding that she will give the other woman’s life meaning. The movie ends before Lindy gives her answer.

Inside Shake 2, Lindy’s choice and its consequences could be explored. He could decide to accept the woman’s offer and start working for the CIA. He could also start dating Vicars, who could serve as his partner. Obviously, the directors left enough threads open to explore in future projects.