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Cruel Summer Season 1: Find Out Release Date & First Information (Prime Video)

August 5, 2021

If you loved Big Little Lies for its twists and turns, PLL for its mystery, or 13 Reasons Why for its use of flashbacks, you will particularly like the new series that will soon be landing on the famous streaming platform.

Everyone envied someone else’s life or wished they had the same and good in the original new creation. Jeanette Turner dreams of being like Kate Wallis. Popular and beloved Kate has an exciting life with a wealthy family and the most handsome boyfriend, Jamie, while Jeanette has none of that.

Cruel Summer Season 1: Prime Video Release Date Is Coming Soon!

The new original series Cruel Summer follows the lives of popular girl Kate Wallis and awkward teenager Jeanette Turner for three consecutive summers in a small town in Texas, USA.

The events of the first part take place on the same day for three different years (1993, 1994 and 1995), and each episode alternates between the opinions of Kate Wallis and those of Jeanette Turner. The first season will be available from Friday, August 6, 2021 on the streaming platform.

Is the cast of the series up to the task?

The acting of the two main actresses is excellent, Chiara Aurelia is very talented in the role of Jeanette and Olivia Holt is also brilliant in the interpretation of the character of Kate. Other cast members include Froy Gutierrez (Teen wolf), Harley Quinn Smith (Canine), Blake Lee (Mixology), Sarah Drew (Grey’s Anatomy) and Mika Abdalla (Mc² project).

What time will Cruel Summer Season 1 be available on Prime Video?

The ten episodes that make up the first season of Cruel Summer will be available from midnight on the famous Prime Video platform both in Spain and in Spain and also in Switzerland. While you wait to see this new series, find out the release date of the television fiction The Lord of the Rings.