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Boss Level: Amazon Prime Video Movie Ending Explained!

July 6, 2021

Check out the explanation of the boss level ending on Amazon Prime Video!

Boss Level is available on Amazon Prime Video! If you want to know the explanation of the end of the boss level, keep reading! The Time Cycle is an interesting narrative resource that offers filmmakers the opportunity to explore their ideas. It gives some flexibility to the narration that can be used to manipulate the diegetic time flow of the film. However, in these films we have a protagonist who, in most cases, is the narrator. The science fiction aspect can be explored through a didactic approach or through a relatively simple exposition. To find out if a sequel will see the light of day, read this.

Boss level is an action thriller with a time loop directly inspired by video games, in which we can resurrect our characters even if we have not managed to complete a specific level. The movie has comic elements in its approach to the story, which makes it interesting to watch. But there are certain moments, which we should try to understand, in his story. We tell you all about the explanation of the ending of Boss Level on Amazon Prime Video !

Boss level ending explained!

To boss level end, Roy finally manages to kill Clive, but just before acting, Clive informs Roy that his son is in danger. Clive also says that Roy is “a lost mass.” Roy rushes to the video game tournament where he knows his son will be present and finds him dead. He realizes that he has let his son die more than 100 times. So it’s the end of the world, presumably because Clive rewrote history, or something like that.

Roy falls into a depression and stops trying to “win” the time loop. She then decides to use her curls to meet her son, Joe. They spend dozens of days together, the cycle restarts each time at the end of the world. During one of the loops, Joe reveals that he spoke to his mother on the phone that morning and that she told him to call Roy if he had a problem.

end of boss level explanation

Roy realizes that Jemma didn’t die the morning of the Loop and he still has a chance to save her, but he only has 14 minutes when he wakes up to do so. Roy arrives at the facility in 14 minutes hijacking a helicopter. Skillfully kill all of the building’s occupants and save Jemma. Roy reveals how much he has gotten to know his son, and Jemma is touched by his dedication to fatherhood.

After several attempts, Roy has reached the boss level, where he is presumably invincible. However, the game’s design forces you to relive that moment until you reach the denouement. Interestingly, this ending depends on probability, which shows that we can never control the weather.

In the end, the relationship between Roy and his son is stronger than ever. In fact, the boss level end We also learn that even in the face of massive disasters and sword killers, we are nothing without the people we love. In short, always tell the people you love and never miss a chance to start over.